Maintenace Services

As our name Expert Handymen speaks for itself, it proves as how professional our company is and what is the difference in the services that we provide as compared to other maintenance services providers in Dubai. You probably find it real interesting that unlike most of the other services providers, we actually care about our customers even more than the money that we can get from them.

As a part of our distinguish characteristics in providing excellent handymen services for all purposes including:

  • Carpentry
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Air conditioning
  • Painting
  • Masonry
  • Moving

We also offer a different kind of approach in order to provide better assistance and help to our customers. This is something that you don’t see in most of the other handymen services providers and we can assure you that the quality of services that you will get from us is unbeatable in this market.

Basically we provide three types of service packages for our customers and according to your preferences and requirements; you can choose whichever you want. We are approached by all kinds of customers including residential, commercial, and organizational and corporations too. This means that we can’t offer the same packages for each one of them as their need and requirements are different. For example, a residential customer only needs our services every once in a while; maybe once or twice a month. This means that he doesn’t need to pay for other 28 days of the month where on the other hand, as we offer a special discount for our commercial customers, they can benefit from monthly packages more as compared to per visit package.

Our Maintenance Services Dubai Packages Include:

  • Monthly Package:

    Monthly package is usually for the commercial customers who need handymen maintenance services every day. When you have a huge office to run, there are hundreds of areas which need to be maintained on regular basis. For example, the air conditioning, the plumbing, the electrical system and shifting the office furniture from one floor to another. To provide ease and better benefits for such customers, we have this monthly package. Basically, with this monthly package, you just need to pay once every month for the services and it won’t matter if you need a handyman once in a month or twice every day as we will be there to help you out.

  • Yearly Package:

    For bigger corporations and industrial units, we have yearly package. This package is better for the companies with more than one unit which means they will need maintenance services Dubai around the year every day and probably more than twice a day. This means that they don’t need to pay higher prices per visit but they can benefit from our yearly package and by making us their official maintenance services provider, we will be there every time they need our help.

  • Per visit Package:

    This is a more convenient package for residential or individual customers who don’t need our services that often and they just need a handyman every now and then maybe once a month. If that’s the case, they don’t need to pay for the entire month when there won’t be any handyman services required. This way they will only pay us when they will require the services and other than that, they don’t need to pay us anything.

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Carpentry work‏

We provide best of our Service for Carpenter work , We have Finishing Carpenters with Dubai Experiance

handyman services dubai

Plumbing work‏ ‏

We provide plumbing services for Villas , Offices , Appartment including leak repairs and repairs and fittings

handyman services dubai

Electrical Work

We Provide beat of Our Service to Fix Electic problem our emergency service team is available 24/7

handyman services dubai

Painting‏ Work

We are best in Providing Painting Services in Dubai Our painters are well skilled and having wide range of experience

handyman services dubai

Masonry‏ Work

We offers complete masonry service to commercial and residential owners all over Dubai. All our masons are well experienced and work under professional supervision

handyman services dubai

Aircon‏ Work

We Provide fastest Air conditioning repair and fixing services.

handyman services dubai

Moving Services

We are best Movers in Dubai, Hire our Handymen Now!

handyman services dubai

Handyman Services

We offers professional & Insured Handyman Services

handyman dubai

Fit Out Services

We offers professional & Insured Fit Out Services

handyman dubai

water heater fixing

We offers wtare heater repairing Services

handyman dubai

cleaning Services

We offers professional & Insured cleanign Services

handyman dubai

Expert movers

We offers expert mover services

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Maintenance Contract

We offers professional & Insured maintenance Services

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We Provide packages services.